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Career Services

Resunate is the only career services tool
proven to double interview chances!

Three of several reasons why schools love Resunate:

School Templates

Resunate transforms student experiences into an approved school template in one click.

Automatic Resume Feedback

Resunate scores a resume against a job -- providing students instant feedback on edits.

Personalized Interview Tips

Resunate provides students the Myers-BriggsĀ® assessment (verified by CPP, Inc.) and generates a list of personality strengths to highlight for every job.

Some of our partner schools:

It's so much more than a resume builder.
I've seen nothing like it before!
Charlene Degregoria
Associate Director of New York Institute of Technology
The templates make it so easy to help our international students create U.S. resumes in seconds!
Ron Delfine
Director of Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University
Resunate helped me greatly during my job search. The resume that I focused with Resunate helped me get past the initial computer screening and land 3 interviews. The Myers-Briggs personality test really helped me realize where my strengths and weaknesses lay so that I can effectively prepare to answer questions during interviews!
University of Pittsburgh student
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